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Grasped by the Holy Spirit

Click here for 3/20/2003 Catholic Spirit article.

Project Overview

A contemporary representation of the seven Gifts of the Holy Spirit

Counter-clockwise from upper left: Wisdom • Knowledge • Counsel
• Fear of the Lord • Understanding • Fortitude • Piety

Artist: Richard Cecil Schletty    Completed 10/29/2001


QuickTime movie showing the gathering space in Holy Spirit's new Ministry Center where the painting is located.

Click image for a closer view

The 50 ft. x 15 ft. painting was photographed in 10 sections with a Sony DSC-F707 digital camera by Richard Schletty.
Sectional images were assembled in Adobe Photoshop 6.0 to create the composite image shown above.

Above, left to right: Young girl representing Understanding, closeup of iconic representation of the Holy Spirit, closeup of Professor J. Ebacher
representing Knowledge, Archbishop Harry Flynn (part of Piety vignette), closeup of soccer coach and players representing Counsel, and the Saint Paul Cathedral.