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Richard Schletty is a fine arts graduate of Saint John's University, Collegeville, MN. He has produced public art (some while an employee of Saint Paul's COMPAS program) for local playgrounds, schools and churches.


"Hunger Has No Color"   Click to enlarge

Mural entitled "Hunger Has No Color"
Artists: John Acosta, Richard Schletty, Armando Gutierrez
Location: South wall of Captain Ken's Firehouse Beans building, at 344 So. Robert St. (2 blocks N of Concord) on St. Paul's "West Side"


"Grasped by the Spirit"   Click on mural to enlarge

Mural entitled "Grasped by the Holy Spirit"
Artist: Richard Schletty
Location: Holy Spirit School cafeteria, Randolph and Albert, St. Paul, MN.
Oil painting on muslin stretcher (50 feet wide by 15 feet high). Completed 10/29/2001. Click here for Catholic Spirit article.


"Families"   Click on mural to enlarge

Painting entitled "Families"
Artist: Richard Schletty
One of six "West Side Paintings" by Richard Schletty and Craig David
Location: St. Matthew's Church, 507 Hall Ave., St. Paul, MN.
Oil painting on linen (8 feet wide by 7 feet high). Completed September 1986.

Click here to download PDF of entire project. File size: 2MB.


West Side Story: Mural, mural on the walls. Article by Paul Levy, Star Tribune. Richard Schletty and other West Side muralists were mentioned in a story by Minneapolis Tribune writer Paul Levy, published July 23, 2002. Click here for the story.