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Left, the gang at Grandma's Marathon 1991. Click on photo for details.


by Rich Schletty, Club President – now in his second term.

Articles are in reverse chronological order

The club's current working theme is "Getting Ready for Grandma's 2001."

12/8/00. Running update from Ben. Click here.

Dateline 12/4/00. The Fluctuating Weight Problem. Joe has been having a problem with his weight. He ran for 3 hours on Saturday, along the bluffs of Cherokee Park, straight down the sand pit, through the brick yards, under the High Bridge, and back up through the Yoerg's Brewery site. With that vigorous workout he lost 7 pounds. However, he went to a party later that evening and consumed massive quantities of food and drink, gaining back 10 pounds. That's a net gain of 3 pounds. In a related story, Larry has been losing 1/2 pound per day for the past 80 days (due to an intensive walking and arm swinging regimen). He can't seem to maintain the girth that so many had admired.

Dateline 12/2/00. Rich unsuccessfully tries to sell Bernie a treadmill. Click here for full story.

Dateline 11/33/00. Ben Mike called Rich looking for him to paint a decal on his Harley. What's that got to do with running? Nothing, except for the fine compliment Ben paid Rich. Click here to listen to Ben's accolade.

Dateline 11/30/00. A letter from Bernie Mike:

Dear Mr.President:

It has been some time since my last correspondence. You requested on the bushrunners web site a Grandma's Marathon 25th Anniversary training status report (GM25ATS).

I logged approximately 1.5 - 2 miles a day the month of September, and became a slacker the month of October. I became inspired by the fellow runners Larry Mike and Joe Schletty. Joe Schletty has been a picture of consistency with his running and alcohol consumption. Larry Mike, in his own words, "became teed at his big fat stomach" and began a vigorous walking program that will be converted into running this week. Since August he has gone from 220 lbs to 188 lbs. He changed his diet without any fancy programs, or bullwhip Watkins Diet. He simply uses mind power and consumes what he wants in sensible portions. However, the stewed canned tomatoes and zucchini he mentions in his diet book are bullwhip. A person can only take so much of this!

Time is of the essence with my current training of 1.5 to 2 miles daily. Morning runs are the only opportunity in my day to get out and run. I plan to increase my mileage this week to 2 - 3 miles by rising earlier. I look forward to participating in Saturday Morning Bush Runs, now that funding has been restored. As you know, funds were cut when the controversy over the name change took place.

See you at the Bush,
Bern Mike

Dateline 10/16/00. I, club president Rich, feel better now. I have accepted the concept of me as a less-than-stellar performer. I guess I am happy, as others are, that I was able to run the whole 26 miles, albeit at a slow pace. Compared to my brother Joe, however, I suck very badly. However, all should know that I threw shotput and discus much further than Joe ever did. He can never take that piece of pride away from me.

Dateline: 10/16/00. I need to hear from Larry, Bernie, Karl, Joe Mike, and Ben that all is well with their training. Each of these boys should send me via e-mail a report of their progress towards Grandma's 2001. We all know that Johnnie Wenker is doing very well with his running, but he should also send me an e-mail...to share, perhaps, some of his secrets for maintaining youthful vigor, equilibrium and joy.

Dateline 10/10/00. In the aftermath of Twin Cities Marathon, Rich is in seclusion, mulling over his horrible performance. Rather than meet his stated objective of shaving 2 hours off his previous marathon time (a dismal 6:25 at Grandma's earlier this year), Rich only shaved off 6 minutes, finishing in a dismal 6:19:25. Rich cannot be reached for comment. Larry tried. Click on underlined link to listen to Larry's plea for communication. "I Can Only Pray."

Dateline 10/3/00: With the Twin Cities Marathon only a few days away, Brian Schletty, son of Rich, has questioned my practice of carbo depletion and loading (which I began today), citing the stern warning of his nutrition class instructor who has a doctorate in something. I said, "How can so many marathoners be wrong?" I have done it before, brother Joe has done it before. We did not suffer ill effects. At least I don't think so. Comments welcome. Please e-mail to .

Dateline 10/2/00: Larry Mike called to report that he is back in the saddle again, after a long period of having fallen off the saddle due to a foot problem. He has shed 30 pounds and soon his daily regimen of brisk walks may be supplemented by some exploratory runs to see if the foot has indeed healed without the aid of specialist foot doctors who have so many patients that you can't get an appointment with one inside of three months. Larry is hoping to travel to the north shore next June for the 25th running of Grandma's Marathon. Other club members are excited about Larry's return to the race circuit. The bushrunners just may be in full force by next June. Won't that be special?

Dateline 9/19/00: Rich has an excellent 7-mile "Bush Run" and calls Joey to tell him so. The excitement can hardly be contained. Click on red link to listen to a WAV sound file called mycalveshurt.wav.

Listen to this sound bite from Joe Schletty to help rev your engines: Rich Inspires All. Simply click on red link.

Dateline 8/19/00: The legacy of Rich as "El Presidente" is increasing geometrically. His charisma and internet communication skills are taking this club to hitherto unknown heights, pulling several fallen club members up by their boot straps. It's the spiritual component of his leadership which is probably the key here. Another testimony was recorded today...this from a club member who weeps for joy because of Rich's optimum leadership. Listen now to Turning My Life Around by clicking on this link.

On Sunday, September 3, Rich had a breakthrough run -- going the "Bush Run" distance of 7 miles in 80 minutes flat...still far from the 63 minutes he used to run it in the glory days. But an improvement, nevertheless. He has lost 20 lbs. since he started training two weeks prior to Grandma's Marathon. His goal for TC Marathon is to shave 2 hours off his Grandma's time of 6:25. Can he do it?

Joe Schletty's complete history of long distance racing
Know anyone else who's run 117 marathons? Wow! Click here.

About the Bushrunners Running Club

Our running club has its roots in Saint Paul's West Side, but several members have moved away from that nucleus and now have fine homes in prestigious suburbs of the the Twin Cities. Running club members are related by blood, marriage and/or proximity of dwellings. We are fond of our fans and will accept without hesitation gratuities and prime time media coverage. Thank you.

Our humble organization was formerly known as the Triangle Running Club (TRC). It was so named because the founding members lived in three adjacent homes that formed a triangle if you were to look down from a point about 1000 feet overhead. Recently, we felt the need to change our club's name because the geometrical shape formed by all current members' homes no longer resembles a triangle but instead resembles a highly irregular polygon. The Highly Irregular Polygons would not have been so keen a name, so we decided to name ourselves after the bush at Cherokee Park (at the corner of Chippewa and Page, on St. Paul's West Side) from which many of our training runs have originated over the years.

President Rich receives club name vote from Larry
With a postal note received by President Rich on 6/26/00, Larry casts his ballot for the new running club name. Apparently, he does not like Bushrunners. He likes "You Boys" (spoken with a Johnny Mike accent). We will have to call a special session to hash this out. Perhaps we ought to revisit all the names offered on the ballot form. Click here to review name change ballot. Please contact Rich for a suggested time that we all can meet to discuss this most vital issue that may be ripping our club apart at the seams.

It must be noted at this time that Larry Mike has a foot problem which is preventing him from running. There have been clicking, whirring and grinding noises coming from the top of his left arch. We wish Larry a speedy recovery. He has been provided a copy of the following meditational chant to assist in his recovery: throatsingers.mp3. He has an appointment in November with world-famous chiropodist Archibald Wingtippins.

Spirited Running
Click on link below to hear what Joe Schletty has to say about the importance of reflecting on more than the physical side of running. Our web site will soon add content that reflects his ideas! Thanks, brother, for your fine insight.
spiritrunning.mp3  (336K sound file)    
Here's a soothing chant that purges lactic acic: nolacticchant  (MP3 audio)

Joe Schletty left a beautiful message on Rich's answering machine. Listen to it by clicking on one of the links below. His commentary proves at least one thing: running helps one to see beauty in all creation, even beauty in the lowliest of nature's creations—the worm.
“The Savior of Worms” (MP3 audio)

Here is a little clip from Rich's new album called Straightline Wind. He was inspired to write this song while breezing along Dodd Road, between Highway 110 and Mendota Heights Road, a steady wind lifting and guiding his haunches along the left dirt shoulder. He felt the presence of his departed dad in the licks of wind that day, a whispering voice telling him to keep on the straight and narrow. Such is the power of running. Listen now, my friends:
“Straightline Wind” (MP3 audio)

Highlights from Grandma's Marathon, Duluth, MN, June 17, 2000

By club president, Rich Schletty

Could anyone have imagined a more beautiful day for an outing along a 26.2 mile stretch of Lake Superior's beautiful north shore? Some of our club members once again tested muscle and bone against the long, unforgiving ribbon of asphalt. Our primary objective was to finish, get a T-shirt, and consume beer...and that we did. We were all happier than a pair of snow monkeys picking nits off each other.

John Wenker was in top form (as always), posting a 3:26. Way to go, Johnny!

Ben Mike threatened to quit running and quit the club after finishing in 4:17. He ended up with a bum knee, despite 2 strategically placed knee braces. Let's all give him words of encouragement.

Joe Schletty, the monster distance machine, ran a respectable 4:18. He and Ben ran astride for 24 miles, then Joe told Ben he could do what he needed to do, which he did, surging ahead slightly to nip Joe by a minute. Then Joe chewed out Ben for running ahead. Reminds me of the time I left Larry in my wake at 16 miles at TCM back in about 1988. Larry never forgave me for that. But what could I do? My legs were dancing and I had to make my move, finishing in 3:50 (my PR) – not bad for a base of 3 miles a week!

Joe Mike ran Grandma's in 5:15 (he did not train much). He will regroup and figure out a way to recapture the glory of his past performances which have ranged from 3:03 to 4:30. We have the utmost confidence that Joe Mike will perform well again.

I, Rich Schletty, the current running club president (and a damn fine one) am slowly climbing out of a mudhole of languor and torpor. Having not run for more than 2 years and having accumulated much body fat, I decided to hit the asphalt again. Grandma's Marathon on 6/17/00 represented my reentry into the regimen of running. Never mind that I posted a 6:25:00 performance. I am hoping to run a 4:00:00 at Twin Cities Marathon this October.

Bernie Mike filmed club runners at this year's Grandma's Marathon. He was not up to the task of running this year, but will be back on the road soon or my name is not Mr. President.

Sharon (not an official club member) finished her half marathon in a fine time. I forgot what that was. Joey, please call me.

Sharon's Jeff and Ben's Julie also helped film and consume refreshments. Peg Mike provided valuable counsel to club members, especially Rich, who was quite disoriented after his long day in the sun. Peg and Rich were finally able to work through many of the problems of parochial education on the beautiful, serene front portico of the Earthwood Inn in Two Harbors.

Rumor has it that Karl Stadstad (who runs just about every day) and Larry Mike (who does intensive mental imaging just about every day) will be returning to the race circuit soon for cameo performances. By the way, has anyone seen Larry Mike lately? He was nearly missed at Grandma's this year.

Rich's 4/25/00 Triangle newsletter

2001 BR NEWS Click here
2000 BR NEWS  Click here
PHOTO GALLERY  Click here for Bushrunners photo gallery.


Apple Raceberry Jam  (Click HERE to link to web site)

ChampionChip Minnesota Online Race Results
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Whistle Stop Marathon, October 12, 2002, Ashland, WI
Joe Schletty completed the course in 4:34, without any problem from his recently problematic Achille's tendon. Peter Butler rolled in at 4:55.

2002 Twin Cities Marathon results
Sunday, September 29, 2002

John Wenker 3:33:30
Benny Mike 3:36:33
Joe Schletty 4:38:54
Peter Butler 4:55:49
Rich Schletty 6:06:47

Grandma's Marathon, Duluth, MN.
June 22, 2002
Joe Schletty - 4:39:26
Ben Mike (wearing Joe Mike's number) - 3:27:56
Peter Butler - 4:54:01
John Wenker - 3:34:07
For full 2002 race results, hammer on this link.

Med City Marathon, Rochester, MN.
May 26, 2002
Joe Schletty 4:48, Peter Butler 5:09

Whistle Stop Marathon, Ashland, WS.
October 13, 2001
Joe Schletty 4:02, Larry Mike 4:57, Peter Butler 5:08

2001 Twin Cities Marathon results
Sunday, October 7, 2001

Joe Schletty 3:56:20
Ben Mike 3:47:51
John Wenker 3:27:41
Peter Butler 4:53:28

Walker Marathon, Walker, MN.
September 22, 2001
Joe Schletty 4:36, John Wenker 3:43, Peter Butler 5:31

Paavo Nurmi Marathon, Hurley, WS
Saturday, August 11, 2001.

Joe Schletty 4:20 (an improvement from last year's 4:52)
Peter Butler 5:32 (slowed down by plantar faciitis).

Human Race, March 18, 2001 (formerly St. Patrick's Day Race). Joe Schletty posted the following performance:

Joe Schletty 43:11.6 8:41 42:48.8

Results for 8K men here.

Myrtle Beach Marathon, February 17, 2001, Myrtle Beach, SC
Joe Schletty came up with a splendid time of 4:08:51. Wow. When asked to what he attributed his unexpectedly swift performance, Joe said it must have been the sea-level altitude. Peter Butler met his goal of running under 5 hours by clocking a 4:59:40.

Whistle Stop Marathon, October 14, 2000, Ashland, WI
Joe Schletty ran his 121st marathon in a time of 4:13. Peter Butler rolled in at 4:53. Both of these gentlemen ran Twin Cities Marathon just six days prior! Amazing but true.

Twin Cities Marathon, October 8, 2000, Minneapolis to Saint Paul, MN.

Steve Proeschel 
3:07:26  7:09
John Wenker 
3:20:39  7:40 
Joe Schletty
4:20:53  9:57
Rick Beyer
4:20:53 9:57
Peter Butler
4:44:23  10:51
Rich Schletty
6:19:25 14:26

Walker North Country Marathon, Sept. 23, 2000
Joe Schletty posted 5:10 for the 26.2 mile tour. Peter Butler had a time of 5:29.

City of Lakes 25K, Minneapolis, Sept. 10
#102 Steve Proeschel, 39, St. Paul, MN, 1:44:51, 6:45 pace
#291 John G Wenker, 48, Mendota Heights, MN, 1:58:08, 7:36 pace
#866 Joe Schletty, 52, St. Paul, MN, 2:39:44, 10:17 pace

Click here for:   Men's Results     Women's Results

Victory 10K, Minneapolis, MN
Saturday, September 2, 2000. John Wenker posted a 42:47 and Joe Schletty breezed in at 56:30.

Paavo Nurmi Marathon, Hurley, WS
Saturday, August 12, 2000. Here are the important race results:

Joe Schletty 4:52; Peter Butler 5:00; John Wenker 3:35 (second in his class! Congratulations.)

Lumberjack Days 10 Mile Run
Saturday, July 29, 2000. Here are the times for Bushrunners and friends of Bushrunners:

Joe Schletty 1:38; John Wenker 1:13; Steve Proeschel 1:06; Hanni Wenker 1:19.

Race info at Lumberjack Days web site.
Race results at Online Race Results.

Rice Street Mile  (Click HERE for race results)
Wednesday, July 26th, in St. Paul. The Joe Schletty family challenged the Rich Schletty family. Two separate reports will be issued very soon – one spun by Joe and one spun by Rich. Here are the raw (unglamourized, non-handicapped) results:

5:42  Nick Schletty
8:26  Sarah Schletty
6:15  Dan Schletty
8:42  Katie Schletty
7:33  Joe Schletty
10:12  Julie Noreen
8:06  Rich Schletty  


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