The Treadmill Bernie Rejected
Now available to the highest bidder! See details below.

I offered a very fine Tudatua Brand treadmill to Bernie Friday night. It had been used for extreme workouts by my family and by my 86-year-old mother. It's a good treadmill. Nevertheless, Bernie rejected it, saying it wasn't smooth enough. I think the problem was the lack of an even grade on the asphalt lot behind his workplace.


Check out the fine features of the Tudatua Treadmill by clicking on these thumbnail images. Whoever may be interested in taking possession of this fine piece of athletic conditioning equipment can contact my sales agent, G. Western.

Retort by Bernie, dated 12/4/00:

Surely if you would have presented the hi-tech features you illustrate on [the bushrunners] web site, I certainly would have been swayed to accept this device with great honor. However...the presentation again lacked professionalism, integrity and, in short, was "slockie."

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