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The Bushrunners of 2006
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Fight or Flight?

From: Richard Schletty
Date: Mon, 19 Jun 2006 10:44:41 -0500
Subject: Re: Grandmas Marathon

Gentlemen: I'll make a brief statement, too, by saying this. I'm sorry I could not marathon this weekend. Who knows if I ever will marathon again?

But I did play 9 holes of golf with my three sons at Mendota Par Three last night – a splendid Fathers Day outing. I holed up with a 52. I bet Johnny Wenker heard me shout aloud when I landed a ball pin high on #4 – first time I had hit the green from the tee in probably four to eight years. I got par on that hole. Plus, I also chipped in from the fringe on #8, making par there, too. If I hadn't blown up with a 13 on another hole, I would surely have scored better. How profound is that?

On the next two Wednesdays, I will be throwing field implements (hammer, shot, discus and javelin) at USATF All-Comer Track & Field meets at UST. Wish me luck. With my implementation skills, I guess I will be able to fight when my "flight or flight" moment comes. You boys will be good at flight as you have proven by your remarkable road deeds. Congratulations to you all, including waterboy Larry. -- Richard Schletty


From: Larry Mike
Date: Sun, 18 Jun 2006 14:43:06 -0700 (PDT)
Subject: Re: Grandmas Marathon
As former president of the BRRC, I want to take this oppurtunity to congratulate fellow members Joe Schletty, Joe Mike, Ben Mike, Paul Gubash, and new to this marathoning game, Andy Gubash. Andy I hope the tips I gave you about the marthoning paid off for you. I enjoy working with the young runners. I'll hold another clinic before the next sanctioned BRRC event. Congratulations to the Godfather of the marathon, Joe Schletty. Joe you are an inspiration to the rest of us, and true proof that you really don't have to train to run a succesful marathon. I am disappointed however that you gentlemen didn't fullfill the pact that you agreed upon prior to the starting gun. I think we will need to debrief on that issue. On second thought don't anyone debrief. Keep your clothes on. Well gentlemen once again congratulations on a job well done. Co member, Larry

Grandmas Marathon 2006

From: "Mike, Joe"
Date: Mon, 19 Jun 2006 10:39:31 -0400
Subject: Grandmas Marathon

My Fellow Runners: The big Grandma Marathon weekend has past and I think it was one for the record books! The hot humid weather took its toll with record numbers of runners going to the hospital and over 400 going to the medical tent. All of the Bush Runners made it through the heat and were able to consume record amounts of beverage after the run,” we ran out of beverage tickets”. Ben Mike crossed the finish line first with a very good time of 3:50:53. This is an excellent time under the conditions. Ben also should receive special recognition for his fine performance for beverage ticket procurement. “Thanks Ben, we needed the additional fluids. Next came John Wenker with a respectable time of 4:24:05. I know John is probably not too happy with this time but once again the weather played a big factor. Then came veteran runner Joe Schletty with a sizzling time of 4:55:05. I think Joe will admit this is a good time considering the conditions. Joe also contributed nicely to the beverage ticket count. First time marathoner Andy Gubash was next with a 5:37:00.” Great job Andy”. Andy removed a big hairy monkey off his back with his fine performance. Walt and I sadly toiled at the rear of the pack and finished with a miserable time of 5:59:09. Although we were out on the highway a long time we did see some pretty funny stuff back there. Like the big Labrador retriever that almost tripped up a runner when it took an unexpected left in front of her. Also a young race fan yelled at us as we walked past the William R. Ervin to hurry up you only have 3 minutes left before the end of the race. To add insult to injury by the time we crossed the finish line all the lost beverage tickets had been claimed. The accommodations at the dorms worked out perfect with shuttle busses to the starting line and also back and forth between the dorms and Grandmas all day and night. The weekend was fun and there were no injuries so we are all happy about that. Thanks and see at the 31st Grandmas next year………………J.A.M.

Freeze Your Buns Run

From: "Mike, Joe"
Date: Monday, Feb 20, 2006
Subject: Freeze your Buns Run

Dear Fellow Runners: Saturday’s 4 mile race in St. Peter was a huge success, not only for the bush runner’s contingent but also for the local economy. The weather was cold but it didn’t seem to bother any of the 71 runners entered for this race. Your President finished first among the Bush runners with a respectable 37:48. As I ran into the wind my hands felt like two hot butter knives cutting through butter. Joey and Paulie finished in a tie with a very respectable time of 41:13. As we went back into the community center after the race we were greeted with cold water, hot pizza and a nice nice chair massage. After the winners were given their awards they gave away wonderful door prizes and the last name drawn was Joe Schletty, so we had to drive to Mankato to redeem it. The members of the Bush runners running club took the scenic route home and visited with many locals at various small towns along the way. I would like to encourage all the members to attend these nice smaller races; they are fun and good speed work. Look for an upcoming news letter regarding the first club meeting and barbeque and election of officers to be held in the president’s garage. Thank you and good running……………..JAM ………..P.S. Grandmas only has 400 spots available so if you are still interested there is still time to sign up.

2006 Race Schedule

From the Desk of the BRRC President - Joe Mike

Fellow Members: good morning, sorry about the delay with the race schedule but we had to make some tough decisions when eliminating some of the races. The first race is actually this Saturday in St. Peter, Mn. This is the Freeze Your Buns Run and will start at 10:00. All those interested should meet at Paulies house at 7:30 Saturday morning to caravan to St. Peter. Now I know some of you are thinking why are we going on a road trip for a 4 mile race? It has been brought to my attention that if we enter some of the shorter races maybe we will get some of the other club members to run who are not ready for the longer distances. This is a 1 year experiment and we will assemble a blue ribbon committee to see if we will continue with this program.

Next thing: The race schedule.

2/18 Freeze Your Buns 4 Mile Run.
3/19 Human Race 8K
4/29 Get in Gear 10K
5/13 New Prague 13.1 Miles
5/28 Med City Marathon
6/4 Grand Old Day 8K
6/17 Grandmas Marathon & BRRC Championship
6/24 Cheese Curd 10K
7/22 Lumberjack 10 Miles
8/12 Paavo Nurmi Marathon
9/10 City of Lakes 25K
9/16 Walker North Country Marathon
10/1 Twin Cities Marathon
10/14 Whistle Stop Marathon
11/23 Gobblegait 8K


From: "Mike, Larry"
Date: Tue, 31 Jan 2006 19:15:34 -0800 (PST)
Subject: RE: Test

Dear Madam President.
I hope you're proud of railroading me out of the presidency on Saturday last. You haven't heard the last of me. I saw several dimples in those ballots. I think you know where I'm angeling on this one. Thats right I want a recount. If you think it was bad between Gore and Bush you ain't seen nothin yet. I am excercising my right as outgoing president to site article 10 under subsection 119 under said bylaws which state and I paraphrase. If dimples are suspected in any ballots at any Runners Club election, those suspected dimpled ballots must be counted by a non partisant organization adjunct to with the fadushiary responsibility of the sergent at arms. Look it up it's all right there. And in final summation I want to thank the one person that voted for me. To the rest of you who stopped by the house to pick up your free ERG and running shoes, I want those items returned asap! I'll see you all in hell!!!


From: "Mike, Joe"
Date: Tue, 31 Jan 2006 15:05:29 -0500
Subject: RE: Test

Dear Fellow Runners: first of all let me thank you for your support through the long long campaign for president! Now that I am at the helm again my first order of business is to rebook the runner’s club weekend. Look for a possible rebooking date as early as tomorrow. The future date will probably start where we left off and drive up on a Saturday morning. One loyal member mentioned that maybe a nice steak fry would be fun to have. I am open to anything, but you may have to lobby pretty hard to get me to go back to the cabin after shooting. I am trying to schedule a 7 mike loop this Saturday and was wandering if there is any interest, please let me know. The 2006 race schedule will be out next week, if you have any races you would like to have considered please let me know ASAP. That’s all for now………………..Your President Joe Mike…………

2006 Bushrunners Gala & Gun Fest

From: "Joseph Schletty"
Date: Fri, 27 Jan 2006 07:30:34 -0600
Subject: Prelminary Agenda for 2006 Bushrunners Gala & Gun Fest

Good Morning Gentlemens .......... Please see below agenda for this weekends festivities. Forward any changes, corrections or suggestions to myself (Joe Schletty) by noon today. That will give me time to decide if your input is worth it and if so, update and ship out an new agenda. I will see some of you at 4 pm and the rest of you early Saturday morning at the Blacksmith Shop. (Richard .... be on time!!!)

Friday - 1/27/06
4:00 PM - Depart Cities
5:00 PM - Cocktails at an undisclosed location
6:30 PM - Somerset cultural tour
7:30 PM - Deer Park stop (patronize both pubs)
8:45 PM - Head to cabin to warm up for 2nd wave pussies (don't go thru Amery)
9:30 PM - Swing by the Pink Tavey and the Straight 8 to warn them we're in town
10:45 PM - On to the Apple River Campgrounds to confirm our Saturday meeting reservation
11:30 PM - Finally to the Blacksmith into Julie's loving arms (one at a time please - me first)
11:35 PM - 2nd wave leaves the cities (no dilly dallying)
12:55 PM - Arrival of the 2nd wave welcomed by the 1st wave (free round of drinks)
1:55 AM - Leave 5 minutes before closing to ensure safe passage to cabin
2:15 AM - Meat pies for everyone
2:45 AM - Lights out (no screwing around this year)

Saturday - 1/28/06
08:45 AM - All arise (and then get yourself up), mill around awhile and get your bearings
09:30 AM - Muster on the road for the BRRC annal run (with several 'exit with dignity' points)
10:30 AM - Start showering as you return (no doubling up this year Larry)
11:00 AM - Grab yourself ... a meat pie or other nice nice breakfast treat (no beer yet)
12:00 AM - Fill plastic bottles with water and start loading up for trip to the bomb dump
12:30 PM - Commence shooting (don't forget your muffs)
1:55 PM - Cease fire and begin cleanup. Next thing ..... crack a beer and light em if you got em
2:30 PM - Make our way to the Blacksmith (optional luncheon buffet at Balsam Lake)
5:00 PM - Say our goodbyes to Julie and head over to the Apple River Campgrounds
6:00 PM - Bring meeting to order (Joe decided to allow Larry to preside)
6:10 PM - Newly erected president to buy a round of drinks (Joe ... make mine a martini)
7:00 PM - Go to Straight 8 for more free drinks and big big pool tournament
8:30 PM - On to the Casini for gaming and fun (sober bastards drive)
12:00 AM - Start departing Casini in waves for Pink Tavey (warn 2nd wave if cops are thick)
1:00 AM - Head toward cabin (take back roads if everyone is drunk)
1:05 AM - Have some meat pies and more beers and gather round for story telling
2:30 AM - Start bedding down (screwing around will be tolerated until 3 AM)

Sunday - 1/29/06
8:30 AM - Get yourself up (and then get out of bed)
9:00 AM - Resume story telling (lunch on a meat pie or other breakfast thing)
10:00 AM - Begin cleanup, loading vehicles and decide on meal options (the Hammond Hotel serves breakfast at 8 am and lunch at noon)
10:30 AM - Begin sad departure in waves (next year consider a 3 day weekend)
7:00 PM - Meet at Benny's for beers, meat pies, Heggie pizzas and watch our weekends fun
11:00 PM - Those who have to work start leaving

Monday - 1/30/06
2:45 AM - Joe Schletty departs

Bushrunners Misc. News

From: Larry Mike
Date: Wed, 11 Jan 2006 11:10:04 -0800 (PST)
Subject: RE: Bushrunners Misc. News

My dear runners,

As my year as your president comes to an end, I want to take a moment to thank each and everyone of you for all the letters, cards, and phonecalls supporting my in what many consider the decisive year for the Bushrunners. Many of you have shared with me that the leadership I have shown this past year is exactly what the club needed. For that I shall say thank you. Many of you also have urged me to continue on as your president and run for another term. For that I will say Yes! Yes I have brought the club back into fiscal accountability, and yes I have brought back respect to the office of president. But as I'm sure many would agree there is still more to be done. I will seek another term. I will see my goals realized, and the running club will execl in it's lofty goals. Once again thank you. I look forward to another year of pride and prejudice.

Your president, Larry.

PS Stop by the house for your free pair of running shoes.



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