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Joe Schletty's Running Data

One of our most prolific runners, Joe Schletty, has kept track of all his distance running competitions since he strapped on his first pair of running shoes back in 1978. Here is a summary of Joe's legwork:

27,256 Lifetime Miles (as of 3/31/04)
145 Marathons (includes 50K's & up)
3 Pikes Peaks
10 - 50K's
2 - 24 Hour Races
355 Total Races (1 mile & up)
14 States / 1 Province

Click the link below to download Joe Schletty's complete history of long distance running competitions (which includes how much Joe weighed for each race).

js_marathons-r1.xls  (41K Excel file)


Joe Schletty, TCM Charter Club Member, Saluted on KARE-11 Web Site
Dateline 8/16/01.
KARE-11 salutes the 90 athletes who have completed all 19 previous Twin Cities Marathons! Each day up until the 20th running of the Twin Cities Marathon (TCM) on October 7, 2001, KARE-11 will profile a different one of these dedicated individuals. Of particular interest to this club is Joe Schletty's cameo. Here is the KARE-11 interview:

Name: Joe Schletty, St. Paul, Minnesota
Age: 53
Occupation: Program Manager, U.S. Postal Service
Marathons: 122

What was your most memorable TCM?
1983 – It was the second annual TCM. Despite the conditions of 100 percent humidity and a temperature in the 60’s, I was still able to turn in my 2nd best TCM performance of 3:13. I was only 1 hour behind two-time winner Alan Zachariason. With those conditions a lot of runners dropped out, including my running partner John Wenker. We ran together through about the 20-mile mark until John dropped back and eventually out at mile 23. To this day he regrets it because except for that year, he has completed all of the TCMs. Sorry John! I enjoyed the split start that year with two groups merging around the 1-mile mark. Also, the downhill at Town Square made for a thrilling finish. And to keep the memory alive, I have the race video Bruce Brothers produced. I watch it just before every TCM to help get psyched up!

What is your motivation for running?
I started when I was 30. I hated jogging but I had neighbor who was doing road races and that proved to be a good motivator. I finished my first marathon and then thought it would be fun to run 40 marathons by the time I turned 40. (He ran his 40th on this 40th birthday. Then I decided if I did six marathons a year, I would make 100 by the time I was 50. I still want to qualify for Boston.

Do you have any tips for other runners?
Enjoy it. Train with others you enjoy. We have a group of eight that run together if we’re in shape

For more information about all TCM events, visit the marathon's website at www.twincitiesmarathon.org


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Whistle Stop Marathon, October 12, 2002, Ashland, WI
Joe Schletty completed the course in 4:34, without any problem from his recently problematic Achille's tendon. Peter Butler rolled in at 4:55.

2002 Twin Cities Marathon results
Sunday, September 29, 2002

John Wenker 3:33:30
Benny Mike 3:36:33
Joe Schletty 4:38:54
Peter Butler 4:55:49
Rich Schletty 6:06:47

Grandma's Marathon, Duluth, MN.
June 22, 2002
Joe Schletty - 4:39:26
Ben Mike (wearing Joe Mike's number) - 3:27:56
Peter Butler - 4:54:01
John Wenker - 3:34:07
For full 2002 race results, hammer on this link.

Med City Marathon, Rochester, MN.
May 26, 2002
Joe Schletty 4:48, Peter Butler 5:09

Whistle Stop Marathon, Ashland, WS.
October 13, 2001
Joe Schletty 4:02, Larry Mike 4:57, Peter Butler 5:08

2001 Twin Cities Marathon results
Sunday, October 7, 2001

Joe Schletty 3:56:20
Ben Mike 3:47:51
John Wenker 3:27:41
Peter Butler 4:53:28

Walker Marathon, Walker, MN.
September 22, 2001
Joe Schletty 4:36, John Wenker 3:43, Peter Butler 5:31

Paavo Nurmi Marathon, Hurley, WS
Saturday, August 11, 2001.

Joe Schletty 4:20 (an improvement from last year's 4:52)
Peter Butler 5:32 (slowed down by plantar faciitis).

Human Race, March 18, 2001 (formerly St. Patrick's Day Race). Joe Schletty posted the following performance:

Joe Schletty 43:11.6 8:41 42:48.8

Results for 8K men here.

Myrtle Beach Marathon, February 17, 2001, Myrtle Beach, SC
Joe Schletty came up with a splendid time of 4:08:51. Wow. When asked to what he attributed his unexpectedly swift performance, Joe said it must have been the sea-level altitude. Peter Butler met his goal of running under 5 hours by clocking a 4:59:40.

Whistle Stop Marathon, October 14, 2000, Ashland, WI
Joe Schletty ran his 121st marathon in a time of 4:13. Peter Butler rolled in at 4:53. Both of these gentlemen ran Twin Cities Marathon just six days prior! Amazing but true.

Twin Cities Marathon, October 8, 2000, Minneapolis to Saint Paul, MN.

Steve Proeschel 
3:07:26  7:09
John Wenker 
3:20:39  7:40 
Joe Schletty
4:20:53  9:57
Rick Beyer
4:20:53 9:57
Peter Butler
4:44:23  10:51
Rich Schletty
6:19:25 14:26

Walker North Country Marathon, Sept. 23, 2000
Joe Schletty posted 5:10 for the 26.2 mile tour. Peter Butler had a time of 5:29.

City of Lakes 25K, Minneapolis, Sept. 10
#102 Steve Proeschel, 39, St. Paul, MN, 1:44:51, 6:45 pace
#291 John G Wenker, 48, Mendota Heights, MN, 1:58:08, 7:36 pace
#866 Joe Schletty, 52, St. Paul, MN, 2:39:44, 10:17 pace

Click here for:   Men's Results     Women's Results

Victory 10K, Minneapolis, MN
Saturday, September 2, 2000. John Wenker posted a 42:47 and Joe Schletty breezed in at 56:30.

Paavo Nurmi Marathon, Hurley, WS
Saturday, August 12, 2000. Here are the important race results:

Joe Schletty 4:52; Peter Butler 5:00; John Wenker 3:35 (second in his class! Congratulations.)

Lumberjack Days 10 Mile Run
Saturday, July 29, 2000. Here are the times for Bushrunners and friends of Bushrunners:

Joe Schletty 1:38; John Wenker 1:13; Steve Proeschel 1:06; Hanni Wenker 1:19.

Race info at Lumberjack Days web site.
Race results at Online Race Results.

Rice Street Mile  (Click HERE for race results)
Wednesday, July 26th, in St. Paul. The Joe Schletty family challenged the Rich Schletty family. Two separate reports will be issued very soon – one spun by Joe and one spun by Rich. Here are the raw (unglamourized, non-handicapped) results:

5:42  Nick Schletty
8:26  Sarah Schletty
6:15  Dan Schletty
8:42  Katie Schletty
7:33  Joe Schletty
10:12  Julie Noreen
8:06  Rich Schletty  


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